Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh, life... you get in the way.

It has been nearly a MONTH since I wrote in this space.
Do you ever feel like you really have nothing to say?
Like nothing is new or different under the sun?
The last month or so has left me
         (homeschooling, violin lessons, bible studies, church activities)
         (God is pressing more and more on my heart every day that I am so very blessed with a wonderful family as well as amazing Christian friends and the ability to study and grow in his word)
         (Jimmy's grandma passed and we took a week to trek to Milwaukee and stay a weekend in Pierre for a wedding)
         (Homeschooling is wonderful and exhausting at the same time.  Sometimes it feels as though it gets in the way of life - and sometimes it feels like life gets in the way of our homeschooling.  Perspective.)
         (Began co-leading Shepherding a Child's Heart as a small group at church.  I am being shown SO much.  I hope it is blessing the other mommies as much.  We will change the world if we can apply these principles.  More on that in a future post.  It greatly deserves it's own.)
         (My BSF study is amazing.  Every week.  So timely.  God is showing my parts of the Bible (Matthew - which I have read many times) that are so convicting to me.  Definitely provoking change.  Also helping Arabella to trust others and be comfortable when mom isn't in sight!)
         (I've been making baby gifts for friends and costumes for Lexi and clothing for Arabella.  Feels good to be creating again.  I long to make more time to create.)
         (My family is my first ministry.  My husband.  My kids.  First, my God.  If I don't have the time to devote to those three - nothing else should get any time.)

I haven't even wanted to read blogs.  When I say that, it may not mean much in your life - but I LOVE reading other blogs.  I love seeing how people create and what their family dynamic is.  I am quite partial to those who love God, love to live simply, love to create, love to garden....

What are your favorite blogs to read?

I'll leave you with a little "quack,quack,quack" from the bathtub!

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