Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy weekend!!!

Funny, I'm so looking forward to this weekend, because there is nothing planned.
I can knit, and cook, and play with the kids.
Jimmy has to work all weekend. :(
He is NOT looking forward to this weekend.
Friday movie night.
Saturday wedding.
Sunday wedding.
He will be one tired math teacher on Monday morning.
We'll have to be extra nice to him.

Movie night last night was great.
Great turnout,
Great weather.
Here are some pics:

Both kiddos got up with me for Bountiful Baskets this morning.
That's always a welcome surprise!
Even though I know they only do it because I bribe whoever comes on the early ones with a starbucks.
Oh well, 7:45 is early and they both cheerfully came along.
Got stocked up on 2 amazing baskets, peaches, and a juicing pack!
We're set!

Jimmy and the baby got ready while we were gone.
We decided to enjoy the crisp fall morning with a run.
Felt good to get out!
Lexi came along on her bike.
I love these fall days where the morning is crisp and cool,
but the days still get a warm 80.
Great for sleeping and playing!
Map My Run said we went 3.88 miles.
Not a bad run/walk for an old lady.

Cam home and made peanut butter/banana smoothies.
I just took four or five bananas,
about 3/4 cup peanut butter,
a couple cups of water and ice
blended it.
Then stuffed as much spinach as I could fit in the blender.
Blended that, and spread between cups for all of us.
Great breakfast!

Hope you have  great Saturday!!!

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