Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween: YAY - or - NAY ???

Do you do Halloween?
I think this is a big one among Christians.
Do you participate in dressing up and giving candy/tracts?
Do you only hand things out but not dress up?
Do you avoid it altogether?
Do you leave home and do a "fall festival"?

We have friends that do any or all of these.
Some are passionate about their stance.
Some have never given it much thought.

For a few years now, I've felt that I didn't want to participate in the costumes.
I'm fine with handing our tracts and making it fun for others,
but I really haven't felt the need to have our children be fully involved.
Jimmy, sees it different.
He doesn't see a problem with Halloween as we do it these days.
He has fun with the kids dressing up, lighting the house, and passing out tracts and candy.

SO, we do it.
It's not a hot button issue.
He feels it's fine, so I don't push it.
No scary costumes.
No scary decorations.
No scary pumpkins.

This brings me to - - - WHAT DO YOU HAND OUT????
We try not to have much in the way of candy around here.
It doesn't sit right with me to give it out either.
I don't want to be THAT house that passes out pretzels.
or toothbrushes.
or little spider rings.

This year I thought I was really cool.
Today at Target, they had 15 packs of glow bracelets for $1.
I bout 8 of them, so that's 120 bracelets.
I was all excited when I showed the kids.
They told me I was lame.
We were now THAT house.
The one that doesn't give candy.
We'll let Jimmy be the judge.
:(  I thought I was cool.....

Also on my mind is 4-H.
Photo credit goes to the 4 H website!
Do you do 4-H?
Did you growing up?

The sign-ups are about to begin online - October 1st.
Lexi is all over this. 
She has a list of things she really wants to do.
Archery, possibly fashion, rabbits, preserving food.....  among more.
I'm still really unsure of how it all goes down.
We will definitely do the intro to 4-H class to find out all the 411.

Dylan isn't so sure.
I think it would be good for him, but he is such a teenager.
He wants friends, but doesn't want to step out to actually meet anyone.
He wants to do things, but doesn't actually want go anywhere.
I know some things interested him, but I dn't think I can convince him to step out and try it!

The Love Dare for Parents tells us to treat our children with compassion.
We are to model after Jesus.
He was SO compassionate in so many areas.
There are many examples listed in today's reading of exact instances where Jesus showed comopassion.
Things we can model exactly!
Why don't we do this???
It's not roket science.
It's reading the bible and actually DOING it!
Wow!  Novel idea, huh?
Photo credit goes to the feeding South Dakota website!

We have a Movie night tonight downtown!
If you are local, come down and check it out!
We have teamed up with Feeding South Dakota and are showing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.
This month, they are raising awareness of all those kiddos that go home with nothing to eat.
The free breakfast and lunch at school are about all they get.
Couldn't be a better cause to raise awareness for.
Hopefully I'll have some great pictures to show you tomorrow!

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