Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My favorite fabric and some sewing

Locally Grown by Creative Thursday - LOVE

I have been in love with this fabric
ever since I read this blogpost.
The colors are so beautiful!
The design so simple.
Of course I love all the farm animals and
dainty little flowers.
My head was spinning how to get my hands on this fabric
and what I could make with it!
I decided at the price of more than $10 a yard,
I could live without it.
It wasn't a necessity.
Well, a couple weeks ago, I decided to check on it again.
I found a few pieces of the collection at only $5 a yard!
I gobbled them up and immediately began deciding what patterns to use.

I got some of the red scattered flowers on the top row.
I made a little apron dress with white lace and a turquoise bow in the back.
The pattern came from One Yard Wonders.

I got some of the green fabric with the little yellow chicks.
The green is so muted and pretty and the chicks are buttery and dainty.
I just love it!  I only used a tiny bit for this pocket, so I"ll be able to make a skirt or something when Arabella gets a little bigger.
The pattern came from Sew Liberated.  It's the Woodland Shirt
I love this pattern and I have so many ideas for other shirts!

The last is my absolute favorite fabric.
I is sort of a lime green with chickens all over it!
I made a dress our of it with brown ribbon ties on the sides.
Then, I made a pinafore out of muslin to go underneath.
I hope it fits her forever!
The pattern was McCalls 6687.

I still have a yard of the light blue sheep fabric.
I'll save it for something special as she gets a bit bigger.  I love these fabrics too much to let her grow out of them!

A quick project for Lexi.
She always wanted a cloak.  We made a white satin hooded cloak.  Added a frog clasp and fur trim around the edges.  She is in love!
This was Simplicity pattern 1583.

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