Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a weekend

Fun and busy weekend here!
We started out bright and early getting our bountiful basket.
Can't go a week without our baskets!
Seriously, I miss it so much if I do!

Next, we headed to a huge neighborhood rummage.
Apparently, it is a BIG DEAL.
I've never head of it, but we figured we'd give it a go.
It was a gorgeous morning when we set out, but by ten or so, it was HOT.
We only made a few purchases...
    - a covered sandbox for the baby :)
    - an old suitcase for me (I LOVE old suitcases.  What should I do to it?  Cover in fabric?  Paint?)
    - a few random DVDs that Jimmy had to have
    - a couple cute tie-dye headscarves for the baby - SO CUTE!

We ended the night with the Dueling Pianos show!
They are phenomenal.
Great entertainers and great talent.

After church today, Lexi had to get ready for a birthday party a cute little friend.
She got all decked out for a tea party. 

Of course there is packer watching and we're ending the day with a welcome home party for a friend.
Great weekend of fellowship, friendship, and time with friends.

Day eight of our parenting lessons has us looking at who has the hearts of our kids.
Do they still want to be around you and hang on your every word?
What has pushed them away.
The only thing that reaches them is whatever has their heart.
Man, I need to get back there with Dylan and hang on to Lexi with all my might.
They can slip away so easily.
    - with our attitude
    - with our laziness
    - with our negligence

Here are some pics from the weekend....
Yummy tomatoes shared from a friend's garden!
My 18 or so pounds of dried pears.
Arabella getting crafty.


Billis mommy said...

I love your blog. You are such a creative and fun mommy!

The Teacher's Wife said...

Ahhhh.... That is a problem with blogs. It's mostly just the good stuff! We bant wait til Billion can have a play date!