Monday, September 9, 2013

New chai recipe and a busy day

So I have a chai recipe.
It is a really good recipe, but I'm always on the lookout to try others.
I've tried some REALLY spicy, REALLY sweet, and some are just REALLY bad.
This one that I made this time is SO GOOD.
It is the only one I've seen that has you toast the spices.
I think it adds a depth that none have had yet!
I did add a couple vanilla beans from the bottom of my homemade vanilla.
I think that was the only thing I changed!

We ran errands all morning.
Beginning with picking up our Azure order.
I decided to order
ginger, watermelon, glycerin for tinctures,
olive oil, my favorite raw cheese,
hormone free butter, my favorite yogurt
that I use to make my raw milk yogurt,
a WHOLE case of organic pumpkin....
and a few other things that I can't seem to think of.
I'm still interested to hear what you get and find are great deal.

We headed to Sam's to get all our organic veggies for juicing.
By far the best prices on spinach and carrots.
They also had a great price on raspberries and Baby Bell cheeses.
That made my kiddos very happy and gave them something to much on for the rest of the errands.

Our next stop was the County Extension Office to ask all our 4-H questions.
Tiffany handles that and she was SO NICE.
I think she convinced Lexi that it would be great.
The whole way home, she was picking out all the things on the list that would be fun to do.
Dylan was even considering a couple things...  WOOHOO!
Did you ever do 4-H?
What was your favorite topic?
I'm still a little bit confused as to how it all works.....

At home I made my favorite lunch salad.
I have to keep lettuce and things all cut up in the fridge or I won't take time to do it and I'll just snack.
My favorite has lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, pumpkin seeds, salsa, and homemade ranch.
One time I would have just ran through a drive though.
So glad I don't even think of that as an option anymore!

Another great time-saving tip is my chicken in the crockpot.
It's my baby sister's birthday today and we will go over to my dad's for dinner.
He's having pizza.
We don't eat pizza.
The kids will, but Jimmy and I won't.
I wanted to have something ready that we could munch on when we got home but didn't have to work to hard to make or we'd just snack.
I took out one of my favorite yummy hutterite chickens from the freezer.
I buy a few every month - they are such a good buy for only $6.25 each!
Put it on some bunched up tin foil (next time I'll use parchment.  TIN?  What was I thinking?),
drizzled olive oil, sprinkled spices and turned on low.
It smells SO YUMMY!
It will be delicious when we come home later!

The parenting reminder for day 8 is to cherish your children.
That doesn't mean just love them from afar.
That means touch them.
Every day, hug them, put our hand on them, wrestle with them.
Even if they don't seem touchy feely and it takes you so far out of your comfort zone.
Even if it takes time that you don't have to give.
The feeling of love they will get from a one second touch will speak
volumes as to how you feel for your child.

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Thanks for linking up with mommy Mondays Hop! I'm not a big fan of chai tea but my husband loves it! I will have to share this with him!