Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ugh.... the schedule

Everyone settling in to their fall schedules???
I am loving the temps this week!
Perfect weather to get out and do something!
NOW, I just have to actually get out and do it!
Maybe I'll take the baby for an afternoon walk.

Lots of things are beginning this week.
My schedule will be adjusting and changing.
I'm not really liking that.
I'm trying to talk myself out of each and every one of them - actually.

First, a new bible study tomorrow morning.
This means the kids doing their schoolwork without me in the morning and spending the afternoon in our together stuff.
Every week.
I know it will be worth it, though.
It also comes with homework, I hear.
When will I possibly have time to do it - I tell myself.
Uhhh....  aren't you supposed to be making time for God every day?
It comes with a bible class for Arabella.
I hear it is WONDERFUL.
Be without my baby?
She LOVES other kids.
She is fine with other adults when I'm not in her view.
She loves new toys and singing and dancing.
She'll be fine - will I?

Lexi will begin violin on Thursday afternoon.
I hope she loves it.
I hope she wants to practice and I don't have to nag her every day and make it a chore.
She has wanted it for so long!
But with it, comes more scheduling.
Every thursday.
Every day to practice.

I will need to begin preparing for a study I am co-leading.
It is about parenting.
I want to get to much from this study.
I want all the other mommies to get so much.
I don't want to mess it up.

There is so much I want to do and I can't possibly fathom how to fit it all in.
Mostly it's me.
I am a home body.
I like downtime.
I don't like to over schedule.

Say a little prayer for us.

Here are some pictures from the last day....

Lexi's new-found love of archery.  She is hoping to add it to her 4-H program.

My kettle bell workout yesterday.  I love kettle bells.  My favorite is the Kettlebells app in Ipad.

This is how I'm attempting to remove millions of fruit flies from my home.  My addiction to hoarding fruit is not conducive of removing fruit flies.  Any ideas?

Arabella really wanted to help Lexi with the dishes this morning.

Pears cooking down to can pear sauce.

Smoothie for the kids for lunch.  A bunch of over-ripe bananas, a tablespoon or two of cocoa powder, about a cup of plain yogurt, a pinch of stevia powder, 1/2 to 3/4 cup of peanut butter, and a glass full of ice and water.  Blend it all up - YUMMO.

Today in the Love Dare for Parents, the remind us to use manners.
Kids learn by example.
They want to be respected.
They respond to love and kindness and MANNERS.
Model that behavior for them!
I know some think that you shouldn't have to coddle your kids and should be able to order something done and it be done.
It doesn't hurt anyone to say please.  Say thank you.  Say I'm sorry.  Don't burp in public :)
Your home will be much more peaceful if you practice what you are requiring of them.
Now go say thank you for something!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the adorable pics of your family!

Jennifer said...

You will love BSF! I am so glad you are going. The homework is the best part of it. It always helped me understand and internalize what we were studying. I am so sad not to be going this year!

I completely understand your struggle with adding weekly activities to your schedule. I feel very similar to you, in just wanting to stay home and get things done around the house & with the kids. I will pray for you that the transitions will be smooth and you will have peace as you begin your new schedules.

I too am a fruit/veggie hoarder.. I have 52 pounds of tomatoes in my basement right now. We'll be making spaghetti sauce this week! We have hoards of fruit flies too, can't seem to figure out how to get rid of them, I've tried all the remedies!!

The Teacher's Wife said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I know we will love it. I am really excited for Arabella. I've got pizza sauce on the stove and tomato paste in the crockpot right now :)