Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teach those children!!!

Today's Lesson from the Love Dare for Parents is good.
It is reminding us that we are here to teach!
Our entire parenting life is like a long drawn out seminar.
If we don't use every teachable moment,
we are doing our kids a disservice.
Next time you watch a movie, talk afterward.
What would they have done in the movie situation?
Next time you make up your family's calendar,
do it with your kids!
Next time you work out your budget, involve them.
Don't wait until they are adults to have those bigger teaching moments.
Make it a part of every day life!

So bible study today was great.
I know you all were worried :)
Arabella did great in her class.
Didn't care when I left, and they said she fussed only a little in the 2 hours!
Tonight we begin Awana and Youth group.
Onward Fall schedule.

Last week, I got a bunch of green chiles from Bountiful Baskets.
The kids were so happy.
We all love them.
I boil them for just a couple minutes and then seed them and split them on one side down the middle.
I mix up some cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and mexican spices.
Ones we like are chili powder, cumin, oregano, taco spices, paprika, onion powder, garlic....
whatever flavors you love.
Stuff the cheese into the peppers.
Wrap a slice of bacon around them and pop them in the oven.
I cook at 375 for about 30 - 40 minutes and they are perfect.
SO yummy - spicy and creamy.
I served with a pork roast I added spices to and put in the crock pot all day.

Ok.  Confession time.
Yesterday I might have mentioned that I am a hoarder.
I am a minimalist in most things, but one area.
Fruit and Vegetables.
Every time I can get a case for a good price, I can't help myself.
I dry it, I can it, I freeze it....
So far this week, I have purchased about 60 pounds of tomatoes,
and about 90 pounds of pears.
Is that a problem?
My family likes it -
      - I think....
So far, you've seen my dried pears.
Here is what else I've done so far.....

Fruit leather out of pear sauce.
I made 3 different kinds
- one mixed with a pound of strawberries, 
- one mixed with a ginormous mango,
- one mixed with plain yogurt and cinnamon
I usually cut each 12 x 12 sheet into four strips across and roll them with parchment and tape the end.
Today I was lazy and I just quartered and stacked them.
It made 36 fruit leathers.
I hope they don't stick together.

I made 6  little four ounce jars of tomato paste.
Tomato paste is the dumbest thing to make.
That will be my last.
It takes SO MANY tomatoes.
You have to cook it down for SO long.
It is really cheap at the store.

I made 9 pints of pizza sauce.
I just add a lot of Italian Seasoning, some extra oregano, some garlic and onion powders and some red pepper flakes.

 I have a huge pot, a medium pot and a meduim crockpot cooking down tomatoes and I still have about 10 softball sized ones left!
I'll let you know what they become!


Jennifer said...

You and I are so similar!! Once I made tomato sauce and I said, NEVER AGAIN! So much work for such little amount of sauce. Did you fruit leather taste good? I made a strawberry fruit leather last week and the kids ate it so fast! I need to get my hands on some more fruit so I can make more!

I'm so glad Arabella did good at BSF!

I love reading the Love Dare for parenting nuggets you post!

The Teacher's Wife said...

The kids, and jimmy, love the fruit leather. I always have to keep it on hand. To cut down on the expense, I usually make an apple or pear base then add the other fruit. Younstill get the flavor, but don't need nearly as much.

I'm really impressed with that book. I thought it might be fluff, but I'm getting a lot out of it.

I'm excited to see what group I'm in next week. I saw a couple ladies I met today at AWANA tonight. Ha!