Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sobering Reminders Today

Please join us in praying for an aquaintance today.
Her husband is now with God. Unexpected.
They are a great family in our community and our paths crossed often.
She is left with her 4 little reminders of him. Beautiful.  Heartbreaking.

As I ponder this today, I'm teary eyed.
So many thoughts.
Do I do enough to appreciate my family?
What would I do without them?
How do you even begin to start a new life?
Only God can help you find these answers.
Only God could get you through it.
Only God.

I finally picked up my copy of the Love Dare for Parents again.
It really is a good book.
Reminders I need every day to make me more patient.  Peaceful.

Today's reminder was to acknowledge and accomodate your children's uniqueness.
They each have different gifts.
Different talents.
Different ways to be loved.
Different ways to show love.

Who are you to squish that?
Who are you to try to make them conform to what you think they should do?

It is our job to lead them to be Christ followers.
That's it.
Not perfect.
Not mini-me's.

UGH.  I need help with that.
I need to let them be their own people MORE.

I don't have much more to say than that.
I leave you with some pictures of our day.

Good start with a ginger shot and green juice.
Day three of perpetual bone broth.
Getting comfy for schoolwork.
Snack time!  The zoom is not good on an ipad. 
Azure order due tomorrow.  
I get eggs and cheese and random fill ins of nuts, dried fruits, natural health and beauty.
Feel like I'm missing something this time.
What do you HAVE to have when you order?

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