Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Regular old Tuesday - LOVE

I love being home with my kiddos and homeschooling.
A fun day is just a normal old day.

We had a big BBQ yesterday and I wasn't overwhelmed with making sure it was all cleaned before bed.
I didn't have any urgency.
No one was coming over this morning!

I got up and cleaned up at a leisurely pace before the rest of my family was up.
The kids got up and did the dishes.
Arabella added a little surprise to my juice.

Its sitting in a cup of rice.
Who knows if it will work!

We had a sweet little baby here yesterday and Arabella couldn't resist the baby bouncer!
She was so good at just entertaining him in it and not grabbing or poking.
She did, however, climb in this morning.
She probably sat in it for 20 minutes entertaining herself!

We did a small amount of school.
What we planned but didn't get done yesterday.
We did a unit on how still life painting came about
and then made our own.
The kids each contributed something and it ended up being a cantaloupe and and apple.

Arabella had some big brother time
listening to his music.
I love to see how gentle and wonderful he is with her.
They will have a bond forever.
I fear the boys she tries to bring around when she is older (like 30) ;)

Lexi got to spend some time with her new scrapbook kit she received
from some dear friends for her birthday.
She is so creative and definitely
much more like her father than me in he sentimental department.
She loves to keep everything.
Her organizing and decoration (from me :) ) comes out in her pages.

While the baby is napping, Lexi and I got in a workout.
We did the 10 minute trainer.
The same guy as P90X.
I got through 2 and a half of the 10 minute videos.

You'd think 10 minutes wouldn't be so bad, but he really crams the activity in!
I was already pretty ;much immobile in the belly area from pilates the past few days!
I need to tone.
When I don't do it, I get back problems and I totally regret it.

If we're having another baby in the future, I gotta stay in decent shape.
What are your favorite workouts or ways to stay in shape?
How do you find time to fit in a workout?

On a random note, I found a home on the classified section for our area of facebook.
Think my husband will go for it????
A little paint - a little bright fabric - - - could be dreamy!!!


Jennifer said...

I totally understand about the working out! I started T25, the 25 minute workout program, by the guy who did Insanity (similar to p90x). I started yesterday and I am SO SORE! It has been brutal, yesterday my lungs were on fire!

I have decided it's time to lose the baby pooch and get some muscle tone back. I've committed to working out 5 days a week, and waking up at 6am to do the workouts. If I don't do it then, I'll never get them done. Today I had to get up at 6, workout, get ready, feed everyone breakfast, took Josiah to school at 8 and then went to work my one day at the clinic! I am exhausted, but had so much more energy after working out this morning!

You can do it girl! And I love the RV, I'm sure you could make it look super cute

The Teacher's Wife said...

Thanks Jennifer!
Wow. That was like a whole day before you even went to work!
With our schedule, I'd have to get up about 5:30.
I probably just need to suck it up and so it. Ugh.
I'll be interested to hear how you like that workout in a week or so. Shaun t is HARD!
Jimmy loves insanity and I can't stand it!