Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Roadtrip Day 5

Oh man.
We've been exhausted.

I missed a post.
Then yesterday, after a LONG day, we had no internet.
Let's play catch-up, shall we?

Monday, we had to do laundry.
There was no way that we could pack for a 14 day trip.
We had everyone pack for 4 - 5 days plus a few extras.
Wouldn't you think most hotels and at least every town would have a laundromat?
Well, not our hotel.
Not Branson.
We had to drive to the next town over,
       which luckily wasn't TOO far.
It was easy peasy in and out in a little more than an hour.

Cute, huh?

Super helpful with the laundry!
 After picking up a couple essentials at Walmart,
we went to our old favorite Panera for lunch.
Of course it's just a huge BREADFEST, but oh SO YUMMY!
Arabella and I shared a veggie soup.

Huge sandwich!  He's loving it!

Sister's bagel looks a little more yummy than my tomato!

It's been rainy the last few days on our trip, so we have had to re-evaluate our list of things to do.
We decided, I would stay back and give the baby a much needed long nap.
Jimmy would take the kids to a small indoor water park.
I think they had fun.
It wasn't huge.
We are spoiled at home with a super water park.

Arabella LOVED Disney!

They got home and showered up and of course we needed some shopping.
There's an outlet mall right near our hotel.
They boys enjoyed  the under armour outlet a little too much!

Ended the night at another old favorite - Cracker Barrel!
THe kids enjoyed it so much.
I'm almost glad that we don't have much for great restaurants.
The kids wouldn't get so excited on vacation.
Eating has been a highlight to our trip!

Next:  Meet me in St. Louis.  and Indianapolis!


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your dining choices as well lol. I love panera bread! And I have heard AMAZING things about cracker barrel! Your kids are extremely lucky to be able to take such a trip and experience all this wonderful stuff! Safe travels to you all on your next destination!

The Teacher's Wife said...

Kristyn, I hope they have good memories and don't feel like we forced them to be with us!