Sunday, August 4, 2013

Roadtrip Day 4 EPIC

Why is it that every continental breakfast has ONLY wheat???
Today is the first day that Arabella or I got to eat off the menu.
It was a banana. 
Good thing I'm a prepared mama!
Oh, and I did get hot tea each morning.

We're not in Kansas anymore!!!!   (ha ha ha!  I've waited TWO days to say that!!!)
We headed for Branson.  
Our big stop in our trip.
The reason we headed south at all.
So much stress and so much water!
Our view on the way to Branson. Super fun!

We saw so many bicycle crossing signs.
The best were "share the road with your friendly Amish" signs
Watch out for the buggies!

The views of the Ozarks were incredible.
This pic from the car doesn't do it justice.  Beautiful greens and steam rising from the top of the trees.

But the ginormous hills made our van get warm.
The crazy traffic in town did not help it.
Reminded us of Keystone on steroids.
We stopped at a local burger joint called the Burger Shack.
It was super busy and really good!

Next came the Titanic.
It really was cool.
We mostly went because Jimmy teaches about it and had ALWAYS wanted to go.
In fact, that's the reason we came here at all.
Lexi has become enamored with it since hearing from him and learning herself.
You get a boarding pass and become a person that was on the ship.
Then you more or less get to become them as you go through seeing exactly how they would have lived on it.
In the end, you see their fate and even see how the survivors' lived turned out!
Really neat.
Lexi was JUST pulled from the water.  She survived!

I told daddy this was a boy hat, but I'm still cute!

We ended the night going for a walk and ending up getting frozen custard.
We were the odd balls. 
NO one in this town walks.  
Everything is close, so it makes sense to walk, but they don't.
Oh we'll, leave it to us to be odd.
The custard at Andy's frozen custard was super yummy.

Tomorrow a second day here in Branson.
Oh what fun we have in store!

Ok.  Tons of people have been reading this a NO ONE comments!
Talk to me people!
One random comment will Win a super amazing Branson KEYCHAIN!  
You know you've always wanted one!

One last picture to leave you with.
This is at least the FOURTH mega church we've seen since we left!


Kristyn said...

I'll be honest I had no idea they had a place were you could relive the Titanic HOW COOL!! Your pictures while there look absolutely amazing!


Jennifer said...

What a fun trip! Great pictures! I have enjoyed reading about all you guys are doing. Great memories you are making, even with the stressfulness of traveling. And I love the titanic place, I too didn't know there was any place like that. Have a great rest of your trip!

Jennifer said...

And by the way, I am SO BAD about reading people's blogs and forgetting to comment. I know a zillion family and friends from all over read my blog, but hardly anyone comments either! I have been making my blog into books, so I mainly blog for us, to have the stories in the blog book one day!

The Teacher's Wife said...

I have a prize for both of you! A little better than a keychain. A blog story book is a really cool idea! You kids would love to have that treasure to pass on....