Saturday, August 3, 2013

Roadtrip Day 3

We began our day waking up in Omaha.
We weren't ready to leave.
We all really like Omaha.

A unanimous decision (by mom) was to head out to the farmer's market.
It was very large and only 1 of 2 that were going on this morning and TWO MORE tomorrow!
The produce was fantastic!
There was a lot to choose from, too.
Beautiful table at the farmer's market!

Busy place on a Saturday morning!

For lunch, we found ourselves at Whole Foods. 
I miss Whole Foods so much.
I miss being able to look around and know that my kids can pick something from the shelves and it isn't incredibly toxic.
It may not be super healthy, but much better than a regular store shelf.
I could have stayed a long time,
but we had a yummy yummy lunch and spent a little time buying a few things I can't find easily at home.
Getting the baby ready to shop til she drops!

Jimmy's Whole Foods meatloaf.  Want a bite?

We got a little lost heading to Topeka, but it took us just a short amount of time to get back on track.
We were all exhausted. 
We nixed our plans to head to a park and just spent some time relaxing.
Red Robin was the dinner of choice.
My guacamole lettuce wrap burger and unlimited fries were SO GOOD!
I wish we had more restaurants that let you replace the bun with lettuce!
Playing in the grass while we wait for dinner.


We are SO WIPED!
Turning in early.

See you in Branson!

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