Friday, August 2, 2013

Roadtrip day 2 or is it day 1?

Today we awoke refreshed.
On the agenda was the zoo.
Thank heaven for GPS! 
How did we ever find anything without it???

The zoo was really great.  And gross.  And fun.
Lexi loved the sky fair ride with dad.  
Arabella enjoyed an hour and a half in her carrier.
Dylan?  Well I'm not sure what Dylan enjoys as his 13 yr old self.
We left hungry, tired, and happy.
Great way to see the zoo!

See?  Everyone likes the zoo!

Cooling off - it's HOT out here!

Daddy and Lexi on the Skyfari.

We ate our linner (lunch and dinner) at Cheddars.
Home cookin.  
Everyone was more than happy with their yumminess.

We spent a couple hours in some stores we don't have at home.
Guitar center mostly.....   
The boys were happy :)
I made the super big purchase of a recorder and a teaching book for the girls.
Everyone has to learn the recorder, right?
Dylan in awe!
Daddy in awe!

We finished the night on a super high note with Ted and Wally's homemade ice cream!
We had floats and lemon custard.
Yum!  Arabella was definitely a fan!
We walked around the Old Market area. 
LOVE!  I could spend a lond time fishing through the vintage shops.
(Though I could have skipped some of the trendy bare outfits of the big city!  You don't see people walking around our neck of the woods like that!)
YUM! Ice cream!

My family didn't think I needed this for my yard - but I really want ti!

On to bed and a great day 3.  We are headed to Topeka!

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