Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Roadtrip Day 6 - MARATHON

I didn't run a marathon.
If you know me at all, you know that.
I try to run.  sometimes.
But I'm not a runner.

Our DAY felt like a marathon.
I messed up.
I was supposed to get us a hotel in St. Louis,
        then the next night in Indianapolis.
I did both nights in Indianapolis.
To top it off, it is MY GIRL'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

We left Branson early - like 8:30 all packed up.  in the car.
That's like a record.
SO, we stopped a Krispy Kreme for the kids.
Can't pass that up, can you?
The hot light was on!

It was about lunchtime when we got to St. Louis.
We decided to just go ahead and park downtown by the arch and walk from there.
The arch was really cool.
Much more cool than I expected.
I couldn't believe the LONG LINES and immense security!
We don't have that at Mt. Rushmore!
We decided to not do the ride to the top because it took and hour and the wait was at least an hour.
We walked through the museum and took some good pics.

I think Lexi is a little photobug in training.

Downtown St. Louis is really beautiful.
They have so much greenspace and park area.
Imagine if they planted some fruit trees and veggies in it!

We needed lunch and went to Caleco's.
It's an Italian little place near the stadium and much better than I expected!
The kids shared a super yummy thin crust pizza.
The baby and I shared a salad and cream of broccoli soup.

After that we were on a mission to find the history museum.
Lexi HAD to see a display about Lindberg.
Although we couldn't find ANY information about him,
      they did have a replica of his plane hanging overhead.
That did not disappoint.

Back on the road at about 4:30 headed for Indianapolis.
What should have taken only 3 1/2 hours - maybe 4 with stopping
         turned into lots of construction, traffic, going 10 miles and hours.
FIVE hours later, plus an hour time change, we hit our heads on a pillow.
We were all tired.

She really is wuch a wonderful addition to our family and I love seeing her personality develop.
We all adore her!

Today - relaxing in Indianapolis.

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