Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roadtrip Day 13 - Surprise for the kids

Well here we are.
Our last leg before we head home.
Our last night in a hotel.
We had fun, but we are all ready to be home.

We packed up and left Cedar Falls and headed toward Sioux Falls this morning.
The kids had a rather large about of waffles and muffins,
     so we decided to wait to eat a big meal until we were there.
We asked online for an idea for our lunch.
All we saw online was the old stand-by things we had at home.
A few people recommended Granite City, so we gave it a try.
It was good food, but we would probably try something else next time.
Nothing stood out as amazing. 
I would recommend the Indiana Nachos.
They had 1/2 price appetizers so we tried them.
They were fresh cooked kettle chips with queso, cheese, green onions, tomatoes, and bacon.
We were mad when the kids were trying to eat them!

We took the kids to HyVee to pick out some snacks for later.
I am so impressed with their natural/organic section!
It's like a mini Whole Foods!
They had cleaning, essential oils, supplements, boxed foods.....
Why don't any of our stores have that?
Why can't we at least have that - if no Trader Joes or Whole Foods itself????
We are really lacking.

We got snacks because Jimmy and I thought ahead and planned to celebrate our last night.
We spent $25 - $30 extra for a hotel that had a nice pool and water slide/play area.
The kids were so excited.
Arabella tried to jump from my arms and cried when she couldn't go just then!

Everyone had a fun time playing for over 3 hours.
Now they've crashed and we are ready for our trek through our home state tomorrow.

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