Friday, August 16, 2013

Roadtrip Day 14 - The LOOOOONG Road Home!

We are ALL ready to head home.
We are ready for routine and our own beds.
I am really ready to get in the kitchen and cook some meals.

When things come to and end like this,
I have a hard time not jumping to the next thing.
My mind has already made mental lists of what needs to be done when I get home.
Thank you's sent.
Groceries gotten.
Food made for the girls' birthday parties.
I know it kind of takes the fun out of the last few days,
but it's a MOM to always be prepared for what's next.

We got on the road pretty early.
AND we gained an hour!!!!
The night before, we had picked up yogurts to eat in the car.
The kids also had some leftovers from dinner.
YAY!  We didn't have to waste time with breakfast!

We promised Jimmy a lunch at Al's Oasis.
Who has been across South Dakota and NOT eaten at Al's Oasis???
Everyone has to have that experience.

Our second stop that we were all looking forward to was in Murdo.
What's in Murdo, you say???
ONLY the best little ice cream shop EVER!!!!
Seriously, you have to stop at the little orange building and get a shake.

When we pulled up,
we surprised the girls with a new metal swingset in the back yard.
Jimmy had a great friend put it together while we were gone.
Lexi was still asking for one and we knew that Arabella would enjoy it for years.
Luckily, their birthdays are close enough we can share in the gift giving!
They were very happy!

Feels so good to be home! ( Only 3400 miles later!)

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