Monday, August 12, 2013

Roadtrip Day 12

We woke up and played with the babies this morning.
So nice to see all the kids playing together.

Stopped and got the kids a >gasp< Dunkin Donut this morning.
They loved it. 
Lexi actually picked a ham and egg wrap with hashbrowns.
Not on any healthy list, but has to be a better choice than a donut, right?

Confession time here.
We splurged and got quarts of Baskin Robbins to share in the car.
An hour later, we dug in and it was our lunch.
We'll chalk that one up to a great memory for the kids.

My grandpa used to come visit us in Milwaukee and would visit Baskin Robbins 3 or 4 times in one trip for their chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
When we moved to a town 40 minutes away, he'd still trek there a few times.
It reminds me of him and of course it was in the same store as the donuts.
Anyway, it was a yummy lunch and no one died because there was no veggies.

BUT, Lexi isn't feeling well now.
Could it be the ice cream?

She is most likely dehydrated. 
My kids are very sensitive to not getting enough water.
With all the hoopla yesterday, I never really saw what she drank.
Probably next to nothing.
She had 3 girls near her age to play with!

Poor girly :( 
Got her laying down, drinking, lavender on her feet and chest, and peppermint on her back and forehead.
Hopefully a goodnight sleep will help.
Bring these EVERYWHERE.

That left us with not much to do for dinner.
I really needed veggies after all the ice cream.
Lexi did not want to get out of bed.
I sent the boys out for a boy's dinner and to bring us something back.
They tried to go to Applebees.
By our house, Applebees has a happy hour from 3 - 6 where all their appetizers are 1/2 off.
No such luck here.
Somehow they ended up at Wendy's.
At least they brought me back a chicken salad.

Looks like a slow night in.
I think we all need it.  We are kind of wearing out.
Jimmy and I rented Admission from redbox and watched it on the computer.
Was sort of cute and not too much was terrible in it.
How much is that doggy in the window???

Happy Monday -
tomorrow on to Sioux Falls and a surprise for the kids!

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