Monday, August 12, 2013

Roadtrip Day 11


Day 2 in Chicago.
Well the suburbs.
We never actually made it into the city.
Too much to do - too little time.

We began the day at the outlet mall AGAIN.
For some reason some crazy person pulled shoes for Dylan off the rack and looked at the Women's size - not the Men's size.
I don't know who that would have been.

We had to run to Walmart yet AGAIN.
I NEVER go to Walmart and I think this is the THIRD time since we've been gone that you could find me there.
There is one every time you turn around.
We had to organize the car and all the junk we accumulated since we've been gone.
Needed another bin.

We had a quick snack at McDonalds.  Yes, I said McDonalds.
We broke ALL the rules.
Went to gross fast food.
Went somewhere we'd been before.
Needed a place to get online, feed the baby a food pouch and get a quick snack.
We knew the big M met all those requirements.

After our snack, we headed to Jimmy's cousin's house.
She was our refuge for the rest of the day and over night.
We hadn't met eachother's new additions!
She has a cutie that is only a month and a day older than Arabella!
He is adorable!
Arabella and Bobby playing together!
Lexi checking out the treehouse with the girls!

She had invited all of Jimmy's family down from Wisconsin.
So many came - it was wonderful.
We met another new addition - 3 month old Henry, learned of a new one coming, learned of an impending wedding - - - - so much news!
We had super yummy food and a great time catching up!
All of us were so tired and crashed by 11.

Arabella meeting her cousin Marriah
Three cousins

Jimmy and his grandma
Jimmy and his mommy

Jimmy and his uncle Rick

Of course the was yet another BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Wow - too much fun for this guy
Tomorrow, we arrive in Iowa.

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