Sunday, August 11, 2013

Roadtrip Day 10

10 days and going strong!
I woke up in Toledo happy this morning -
     happy we are on the down side
     happy we are making headway west - toward home
     happy to be gaining and hour back towards mountain time!

Got up, had a great breakfast with family and headed to Chicago.
Well, more importantly - IKEA!
I love certain things at IKEA.
Living in the middle of no big cities, I haven't been there in (I think) 9 years.
WHAT!!!  That is outrageous!
On my list, I needed a coat rack and a shoe rack.  GOT THEM!
We also picked up a few cute kids toys and some cool glasses.
We don't really have room in the stuffed van for much else!
 I was one happy mama!

Dylan is in LOVE with Converse at the moment.
We made his year by taking him to one of very few Outlet store in the country.
He got lots of stuff and hasn't stopped smiling.
This Outlet mall (Chicago Premium Outlets) is FANCY SCHMANCY!

Next, we made Dad's year by going to Giordano's for dinner.
Chicago style pizza IS the best.
Then even had a yummy gluten free thin crust for baby and mama.
 Downtown Naperville is SUPER cute - people walking all over to restaurants and shops.
LOVE to see cities where everyone is walking place to place.

On another note - I do NOT miss city driving - and Illinois drivers are some of the CRAZIEST I've EVER seen.
Glad to live where I live.

Second day in Chicago tomorrow!

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