Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roadtrip day 8 & 9. Holy Toledo!

(I was unable to get pics loaded  last night, so yesterday actually means 2 days ago - SORRY!!!)

Yesterday, we woke up, left Indy, and drove to Toledo.
My dad lives there.
My sister is visiting, too.

We had fun visiting-
    We don't get to see each other often!
The kids played outside.
We grilled out, 
     And celebrate a certain cute one yr old.
Reaching for her grain free ice cream cake - I'm sure there's still plenty of sugar ;)
Loving her decorations!
Yard games

Today we got up and headed to Cedar Point.
They day was beautiful!
There was lots of screaming, 
A little chickening out, 
Some very worn out kids by the end of the day!
View of the park and Lake Erie!  So pretty!
Making his own snow cone.

A rickety old wooden fave.  Ridden no less than 4 times this trip!
Jimmy ended with a Five Guys burger
Enjoying his Five Guys!
He said it was delicious.

Tomorrow, we'll be in Chicago!

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