Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LONG Day, but looking forward!

Alright.  Tuesdays are the LONGEST, hardest, crankiest day.  :) 
I don't mind Mondays at all - the weekend rejuvenated me and I'm ready to see all my kids again.
Wednesday is PRACTICALLY the weekend!  (So you know that's why Thursday and Friday are even better!)  But Tuesday????  What is Tuesday?!  Can we just delete Tuesday altogether?
Have you had enough complaining yet? 

I'm trying to get over this stupid summer cold.  I even Basic G'd everything the kids touch today.  woohoo.  I am getting really excited for the big kids to be back in school to start my new preschool curriculum with the little guys.  It looks SO promising and fun! 
You can see more here!
This lady and her awesome Ideas are AMAZING!  I am very eager to get everything printed, organized and started.  Does that make me a dork  extremely cool person????  At least the structure and organization will keep the kids from looking like this:

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