Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost FREE Clothes

So, last week I saw a post on a blog about ThredUP.
I thought it sounded like it like a decent enought idea....   so I looked into it....

 It is AWESOME!!!! 
Here are the steps.
 - You make an account....
 -  NEXT is the FUN part :)  Sort through all the boxes by picking the sex, size, season, and whether you want tops, bottoms, or a mix of both.
 - Look through all the fun boxes that come up!  I searched for things that would fit GIRL this year - LOTS came up!  Fun outfits and dresses.....
 - When you find one you love, clike on the PICK THIS BOX button.  All you pay is the $13 to get the flat rate box to your house!
 - When you make an account, a shipment of boxes automatically come you you.  Next you need to fill one with all your old stuff.   If your young ones are like mine, they have SO MANY cute clothes that they grow out of SO fast!  SO, pick the best ones that are all the same size and shove them in until the box is overflowing :).
 - Post the brands and sizes in a listing and WAIT for someone to pick yours :)

I have my first box listed....  In one box I fit a dress, a couple skirts, a couple shorts, a couple shirts, 3 pajamas, and an outfit.  ALL adorable, if I do say so myself. 

I'm SO excited to receive my box!  I"ll post what the contents are when they arrive!

Check it out!  ThredUP  I want to hear what you think!

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