Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's the big deal???

I don't want to be that girl.
You know that one.
The one that joins into some new multi-level marketing company.
That's all she can talk about.
How you need her product.
How hers is the best.
How it's a miracle and it's changed so many lives.
Even worse, how you can get rich joining!
You avoid her.
You feel like you can't be her friend if you aren't in to her product.

Here's the deal.

I have used essential oils for years.
I use them for homemade body products.
I use them for cleaning.
I use them for sicknesses.

Last year, I realized there was a difference in essential oils.
The ones I had been buying were not cheap, but they weren't the best quality, I learned.
I decided that I wanted therapeutic grade for my family.
If you google it, there are all sorts of articles on whether or not that word should even exist.
For me, it meant a company that took care from the soils, seed, plant, picking, and the type of distilling used.
It meant we could open up a whole new world of ingesting our oils without worry.
Here's an article I read about the process.

I reached out on facebook to my friends all over the US to see who had experience.
Seriously I was shocked when the only response I got was - 1 aunt was into it and one friend from high school.
I immediately asked all my questions of my friend.
For me, I thought that DoTerra and Young Living were equally aligned and it didn't matter much to me which one I purchased from.
She had wonderful experiences and answered all my questions.
I decided that since there was NO one around me to order from, I'd just sign up.

By signing up, I get 20%-ish off
and can add my friends orders to mine so they can share the discounts!
I can do an auto ship every month to earn points toward free products.
If y orders are around $200 in a month, I can earn a free promotional product or two.
I can sign others up and make a small commission, if I desire.
Most excitingly, I get emails every week about the amazing products and their benefits.

I have no desire to start a business.
I don't want to "talk" my friends into this brand.
I for SURE don't want my friends to sign up for my benefit.
I do want to teach others.
I do want to pass on what works for my family to my friends.
I do want to do everything possible for my family to stay out of the doctor's office.
Whether that means herbs, tinctures, teas, oils.....

God created all these amazing plants.  It's all there.  They can heal us.  We have to know how to use them! ( There are many references to oils in the Bible - I do believe he intended us to use them)

This brand is expensive.
I decided that meant I could only purchase a certain amount every month and that would just have to be good enough.
I've made a LOOONG list of what I want to try.
I'm crossing them off as I get them.
I plan to pass along my thoughts in the blog as I try things.
Sort of a "review" so you can learn from our experience.
We'll be the guinea pigs ;)

For starters, if you're local and you want to learn,
we are doing a fun girls' morning the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
We'll make vapor rub, shower disks, and an herbal tincture.
All my oils will be out so you can see them, smell them, and learn what they do.

Let me know what you think about essential oils....

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