Thursday, November 14, 2013

Different sort of baby gift....

I told you we have seven babies coming in the next FOUR MONTHS!
That is a lot of babies!
The same thing happened last year.
Somehow, our friends just know how to "be fruitful and multiply" :)

One family is due very soon.
They are expecting a boy.
They already have two boys.
I couldn't imagine what they might need.
I know in the past they have cloth diapered,
so diaper wasn't even an option.

This took a little creative thought
 - and pinterest looking,...
But I settled on a hooded towel.
Everyone needs towels, right?

I thought this tutorial looked simple.
and it was!

I whipped it together in no more than two hours.  
I really thought the finished towel was cute!
I threw in a bundle of baby lotions and soaps.
I also made a set of booties and a hat.

I really like to include a gift for the big siblings when I can.
Especially if they are young
and can't really understand all this
new baby

What can you do for boys???
I settle on this.
It's a carrier for their little hot wheels!
They only took about 1/2 yard of fabric each.
I split a pack of hot wheels between them.
Cute, huh???

I think this gift will be enjoyed!

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