Sunday, November 3, 2013

We are the Shepherds and we only get one chance

How can you not want to do right by a sweet girl like  this?
God is teaching me alot.
I have tried to be good a "discipliner".

I've tried the Love and Logic type of stuff.
You know.  Natural consequences instead of getting mad.

I've tried laying down the law.
You know.  I'm the parent you must listen.

I've tried reward charts.
You know.  Giving them stickers or candy or money for doing what they are supposed to.

I've tried positive reinforcement.
You know.  Going crazy with praise whenever you catch them doing something well.

None of this is wrong.
        NONE of it is right.

Am I training them to make me happy?
Am I training them to sit quietly in a restaurant?
Am I training them to say SORRY when they hurt someone?
Am I training them that good grades are most important?


Am I training them to TRULY love people from deep down in their heart?
Am I training them to put others before themselves ALL the time?
Am I training them that it upsetting me is nothing compared to sinning against GOD?
Am I training them that knowing and modeling the love that Jesus showed is the most important?


This study I'm co-leading (Shepherding a Child's Heart) is teaching me so much.
I have so much changing to do
Every behavior comes from the heart.
It shows what is in there.  Deep down.  Hiding.
Is it greed?  Is it self-centeredness?  Is it anger?
It is our DUTY to help our children weed through their emotions.
To see where they are sinning against God.
To see how they could show the love of Christ.
Every discipline needs to point toward the gospel.
Teach them what it means to sin.
Teach them what it means to pray.
Teach them what it means to LOVE.

I love these kids.  I want them to truly love God and truly love people.
We have some changing to do around here.
It starts with me.

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