Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Homemade Learning Tower

I did it!
Just beginning to measure.
By no means is it perfect.
It has edges sticking out - and it's a bit wobbly.
I'll fix the wobbly though.
And sand as much as I can.
And it still needs a few coats of clear polyurethane.
All cut!

But I did it!

And she LOVES it!

Here is the pattern. 
Or plans - but I'm a girl and I sew.

It was very easy.
I love Ana White for that.  So straightforward.  
Reading a magazine on the counter!

We went to Menards and bought the wood and screws.
I think it came to about $40.

Have you seen the real learning tower?
It is so cool, but look at the price!

I can't justify that - even if I have more than one kiddo to use it.

The only major drawback, is the height.
I was hoping it would fit under my bar side of my counter when not in use.
It is about 2 - 3 inches too high.
If I was thinking, I could have accommodated that into the plan.
Oh well.

Who am I kidding?
She is at my side every second without it - she will definitely be using it ALL the time.
Washing off the counter.

Let me know if you build one!!!

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