Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Husband

It's my husband's birthday today.
I don't show him nearly enough appreciation.
He is better than me at life in so many ways.
He is calm.
He is funny.
He puts people at ease.
He likes to be around people.
He makes friends like nothing.
He can handle pressure without cracking.
He can see the possiblities in things.
He can jump at a chance for change.
He can handle me :)
He keeps me grounded.
He keeps me fun.
He keeps me from organizing everything to death.
He helps me take chances.
He genuinely loves me for who I am.
He has no problem telling me what he appreciates about me.
He doesn't hold back telling people the truth - good or bad.
He's a great loving daddy.
He's a great loving husband.
He's a great provider.
He's a great spiritual leader.
I greatly hope god showers him with blessings over the next year to show him how much he is appreciated in our lives.
Happy birthday, my husband!

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