Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MIA and a parening dare.....

How can you NOT have a good morning with that smile?


Wow! The last few months have been so busy!
I am now officially done with childcare, leaving me to just be wife, mom, homeschool teacher.....
We are all SO excited!
Summer has been wonderful and a blur.
We have made camping trips and memories as well as deconstructed our home.
Lots of posts to come on things around here.
Yesterday, I began the Love Dare for Parents.

I wanted to share my journey on it with you.
Day one is simply about sharing your LOVE.
Sounds simple, but when you have bigger kids, do you always take the time to make sure - every day - that they hear that they are loved?
I know the KNOW they are,but when is the last time you expressed it?
The book reminds us that  we need to make sure that our children can answer these questions without even thinking about it.
    -Do I matter?
    -Does anyone truly care about me?
    -Do I matter?

The first day alone has so much to share on top of this.
I urge you to follow along with me and be a little more intentional with you children.

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