Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Let's face it. 
All of us mom's could probably use MORE in the organization department.
I came upon this blog today though anoter blog that I frequent.

I wish I could sat that.
iheart organizing.
Actually I DO like it.  I just can't find a stinkin second to do any of it.
The feeling you get when you finishish cleaning out/organizing something is FABULOUS :)

Anyway, my question for you all.....
Do you use a household/family planner???
I mean something other than that giant calendar hanging in the closet with everyone's info on it.

Something like THIS:

It looks AMAZING, huh?  Just not sure if my husband would be happy I can justify spending the money to get THIS ONE.  I'm totally in love with it though.

Your thoughts????

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Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

I am a huge fan of iheartorganizing too. love her ideas. I was drooling over that planner too.