Monday, January 3, 2011

Anyone heard of THIS???


SO...   I've TRIED to stop drinking coffee. 
For a day or two. 
It's HARD!  
I really shouldn't be drinking the caffeine. 
     I miss the SMELL.
     I miss the TASTE.
     I miss the warm goodness in my mug.

I can't do it.  

A friend came over yesterday and was in the same situation.  A friend of hers uses instant TEECCINO.  I wasn't all about the instant.  I don't want flavored, or weird textures.  I JUST.WANT.MY.COFFEE. 

I decided it was at LEAST worth looking into.   I was SO happy to find it ground for your coffee maker!  I'm thinking of taking the dive and trying it.  

Any thoughts?   Anyone else try it?

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