Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project Day!

So, the kids slept in today. (that never means the baby - you know that, right?)
9am came and went...
10am came and went...
11am came and went....

By 9 or so, I had all their school work ready for them.
I decided not to get upset.
After all, it is their choice to have to sit and do school all day.
I'd much rather get up and get it done so I could play the rest of the day.
Not them.

I figured I'd get some projects done.
We have a baby boom in our life again.
Seven babies so far - all coming before April.
Of course I want a fabulous gift for each one.
Of course it has to be somewhat homemade.
I am slowly chugging away at each one.
Here's a sneak of what I did today.
It deserves a post of it's own, so that will come.

 I have to put down the baby gifts, though.
Christmas is coming.
I have a few (not too many) homemade gifts to work on.
Here's one that I finished up this morning.
It, too, will have a post soon.

I still had FIVE WHOLE pomegranates in the fridge from our produce baskets.
I decided to finally get at those delicious, juice, jeweled seeds.
The kids and I LOVE them.
They are so good!
I used to dread getting the seeds out and then picking from the white pith.
I watched this video not too long ago, and now I don't mind.
So much easier than even the water method.

If you saw my facebook yesterday,
 you saw that Arabella is teething.
Poor girl, doesn't have a fever,
 or is even showing much pain.
She is taking LONG naps,
 and today she has a clear runny nose. :(
I can feel her top molars coming.
Those are big ones.
I diffused thyme oil overnight.
I diffused eucalyptus during morning nap.
She takes a probiotic.
I have given her a small amount of elderberry syrup.
She's drinking broth.
Anything I'm missing?
I don't want her to get congested -
 or run down and a cold.

I'm loving the Gungor station on Pandora lately.
So much worship - and folk going on.
Today, I realized how much I love the mix of a rock band and an old hymn.
I had to listen to this one over and over!


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Love today's post!

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So inspiring