Saturday, September 14, 2013

So proud!

I am so proud of my little sister!
Here are a couple pics from her "White Coat Ceremony" last night.

She does well at whatever she puts her mind to,
and will make a wonderful nurse in 2 years!

We had a girls' day today.
The boys are in Nebraska to dj a wedding.
Lexi and I got our basket at 7 am.
I treated her to a big caramel roll at Colonial House.
A girl's gotta have incentive to get up that early on the weekend!

We went to Target.
 - our favorite store -
If your kiddos need shorts for next summer, GO!
I got baby play shorts for the next 2 summers.
All were $1.50 to $2.10.
The swim cover up was $3.50

I also bought a few camis for $4 each.
When you are nursing, you need layers!
And some women's socks for 90cents each!

Yay!  A good day.
Finishing the day with Netflix movies, taco soup, and ben and jerrys.

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