Monday, July 22, 2013

Parenting Dare Day 4

My baby was under the weather all weekend. 
I'm sure it is her teeth. Used lots of oils and gave lots of cuddles.

Are you still following along?
Have you purchased the book yet?
I really love each day more and more as I read it and it is leaving me more and more intentional as I go through my day to day parenting.

Today is all about the values of your family.
Have you thought about what those are specifically?
Did you long to have kids?
Did you just fit them into your busy life?
God designed us to have children.  They are our living legacies.  Our gifts.
We are too deeply love them just as God deeply loves us.
Do you treat them like that every day?
It is easy when they depend on you for everthing.  To adore your babies.  It gets harder and life gets busier as they are older.  When they are teenagers, it can be pretty hard to look at them as your gift.
I know that is something I definitely need to work on today.

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