Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy day..... Dehydrating and Juicing

I cut up an enormous sweet potato from our bountiful basket.
Seriously, I wish I had a pic.
It was as big as my face.
Dehydrated that  along with about 20 or so tomatoes.
We love sundries tomatoes.
Sweet potatoes-we're not so sure yet.  I like them, but they are a little hard to eat.  Very hard actually.
Next to e I will try to cut even thinner.  
I guess that's why people buy mandolins?

Juicing news....   Jimmy and I are both down to one a day for now.
I used my purple kale, parsley, a pound of carrots (minus one we had for lunch), 3 apples, and two oranges.
Tastes good to me.

Last, is my sweet baby girl.  She was so stoic and cuddly.
Her 2 bottom  teeth are about to pop through.
I wish they would.
Teething is such a pain.  
She does love the catnip tincture I made to help, though.
Recipe for that to come.....

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