Friday, February 8, 2013

A day in the life.....

Today marks 4 weeks of eating grain free.
Each week I intend to work out more than I did the past week, yet it doesn't happen.
It is so hard to force myself to make the time!
When I have worked out (a couple of times each week), it has been a treadmill run or kettlebells.
I take my measurements on Fridays.
Today I was down 8 pounds and 8 inches,
3.5 in the waist, 3 in the hips, 1 in the highs, and 1/2 in the arms.
Yay! Now if only I would work out, I'd be more trim and STRONG!
Well I needed a goal for this wee right?

Here's what my diet looked like yesterday.....

Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, a sliced tomatoes sautéed with spinach, and a bit of feta on top.

Lunch was one and a half mini burgers that I made for daycare lunch. Some leftover brusselsprouts, sautéed mushrooms and some olives.

The kids had leftovers for dinner and Jimmy was gone for conferences, so I used some taco meat I had and made a taco salad.

Obviously we haven't made the jump to go dairy free, but we are limiting it more and more. I did have a little dried fruit and a handful of my favorite crackers when I was a little hungry.

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