Monday, January 28, 2013

Juice fast day 2

Here's our juice for tomorrow.....
     Yes, that is one big nasty beet and the tops being used.   Blech!
     One romaine heart
     The other 1/2 of our container of spinach
      One lb. bag of carrots
      One lemon
      Three apples
      One inch of ginger
      1/2 of that beautiful pineapple

Verdict?    Jimmy tried a shot warm.   You can definitely detect the beet but the pineapple is so delicious that it is bearable.  I was advised to only use 1/2 a beet next time.
I don't know how we'll ever eat through thos 5 million beets I have!

If you are following along, comment and let us know how it's going a d what your favorite recipe is!

In dehydrator news, here's what I've done....
       Salad savoy    -     Decent.   I will probably be the only one to snack on them but they are ok
       Beets   -    Really gross.  I had high hopes for dipping chips, but the flavor is SO intense.
                         ( I actually threw the out before taking a pic)
        Watermelon    -  very sweet, Lexi liked, Dylan didn't
        Bananas     -  more chewy than ones I've bought before - Lexi isn't a fan
                              (but she doesn't love them fresh either), Dylan liked
        Strawberries     -   delicious!
        Apples    -   delicious!

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