Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Getting O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.D!

... and if FEELS GOOD!

FIRST, I splurged on myself and spent a whole $7.50 on this:
It is a planner.  Not a fancy schmancy one, but one that will work for us.  There is a little folder in the front and some stickers.  Room for your personal and emergency information so you can NEVER LOSE IT.  A list of holidays and an area where you can fill in birthdays.  THEN we get to the important stuff.  It goes week by week from July 26th to the end of 2011.  YAY.  There is a ton of space for each day so you can write out everything from the kids sports to you meals.  Each side has a tear off section.  The left is a grocery list and the right is the week's menu.  The last few pages are for contact info of important people/places you may frequently need to get ahold of.

NOW, for the real organizing...     I decided to once again attempt a Household Binder.  Julie over at has a post about them HERE.  It's not brain surger, it's actually common sense.  Keep ALL your loose papers in ONE AREA, so you can actually find them when you need them again! 

Here's what mine ended up like. 
 This is the outside.  Just a dressed up 1 1/2 inch binder.  I have a feeling I'll be needing a thicker one in the near future.  I cut cute scrapbook paper to fit and covered the entire thing in contact paper for durability.
This show my tabs.  I made a list of everything I may need to have at my fingertips.  I included CONTACTS, CLEANING/CHORES, MENU/RECIPES, DAYCARE, BUDGET, HOMESCHOOL, FAMILY/KIDS, HEALTH/MEDICAL, ACTIVITIES/SPORTS, and CHURCH/GIVING.   Every household will have different tabs.
 This is just showing you how I divided my sections.  Instead of using plain dividers, I wanted a pocket.  I took white folders, but them in half and added a cardstock label on the end.  This way, if I have some small loose papers, or can't get to the hole punch right away, I have a place to put them.
Here is my FINAL PRODUCT.  Now I just need to fill it!

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