Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New vision for the new year!

Wow, has 2010 been an eventful year, or what?

What are your New Year's Eve plans???
      - We'll be at church for their annual WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchange.  We'll see what kind of craziness  that brings.  It will be our first year to participate.

Do you set resolutions?
     - I'm not a big believer in setting resolutions for myself.  I find it leaves me an excuse to push something I need to do off until the New Year.   THEN, if I mess up, it gives me an excuse to not continue until the next year!  Vicious cycle, I tell ya!

 I hope that 2011 find you all healthy and happy.


Now, for the BIG NEWS....

Last summer, I quit my job to stay home and begin a daycare.   We also, took our kiddos out of public school to homeschool.   No, that's not the big new...  hold your horses.

I find it really hard in the Black Hills to figure out what events are happening.  I search the newspaper, various calendar websites, and the sites of places we like to frequent JUST to plan something to do on a day!   It's exhausting!!!!  I am always disappointed to find tht we missed something really fun or educational because I didn't know where to find out about it...

All that rambling to say - my work will benefit YOU!  I will be posting things as I find them, so you can come on here to see what's happening.
 - If you have a free event, you can message me and I'll add it.
 - If you are a business and you want to advertise, we can do that too!
 - If there are special prices or deal you NEED to know about, you can find them here!

Our new vision should be lots of fun and help us all stay connected to all that the Black Hills has to offer!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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